There are plenty of good multi-tools out there which are perfect for taking outdoors and camping – a single item to cut, twist, and goodness knows what else. But – what about adding a bit of tech ingenuity to the multi-tool – Check out the Gerber Steady

Ok so you can’t do much to improve the multi-tool. Well, what about a tripod for your camera? Outdoors, perhaps camping alone? Perhaps with your partner? The Gerber Steady has built-in a set of legs and a sticky grip popup for your smartphone.

Steady_31-001043_iPhone_hero_wBG RS

Yep, that’s a mini tripod, all flicking out of a multi-tool. The grip will carry a phone up to 340grams, and means you can fold it out – place it out on a rock, or even in a tree and set the timer to snap a great shot with you in it.

It all folds back into place, the Gerber Steady has 12 components, including a fine blade, serrated blade, screwdrivers, bottle opener, pliers and wire cutters.

Gerber Steady

Gerber Steady

Hey, if you don’t go much for Selfies – the Gerber Steady would be a good little stand for your phone if you wanted to watch a video on it too.

Gerber Steady ( RRP: $120