If you’ve taken the time to get some American muscle in the garage, and perhaps with the imminent relaunch of the Ford Mustang in Australia this will be perfect for you – US sized number plates are now available from our mates at MyPlates

We’ve seen the tech plates and the colours, alongside the footy team favourites and more.


Over at MyPlates they’ve added something cool – US Sized number plates. On a US import this would look awesome. Customised for you – they’ll set you back $295, and then you’ll pay the additional annual fees on your rego.


They are 305mm x 155mm – compared to the regular old plates at 372mm x 134mm.

There are also a plain white set with black text for $195 in the same size. If you already have personalised plates you don’t have to pay more annually, just the fee for the new look plates.

Check them out – MyPlates.com.au