So many things that happen day-to-day in life just continue to go on the way they always have – but technology continues to change things which may have never been given a second thought with bright sparks creating apps for everything. Ever shared a house or flat? Had to split expenses and work out who’s turn it was to do the dishes? There’s an app for that. Fairshare.

Fairshare - Task Menu

Fairshare – Task Menu

When you live in a big house in Melbourne with five mates you sure learn fast what’s needed to run an effective share house system. The same systems apply to just two people sharing a flat. Some of the six mates after a while came up with a system to share the chores (tasks)and work out who was doing what. They allocated points to each chore and that allowed everyone to keep track of who was pulling their weight – or not.

Ticking off your tasks... Fairshare

Ticking off your tasks… Fairshare

After a while these guys allocated money against the points, so if you didn’t do any tasks you would simply pay your way for them – if you did more than your fair share you’d earn money (or credit on the bills) in the house.

That’s the premise behind Fairshare.

Available on Android and iOS (Because what home can guarantee everyone’s on iOS so a smart move to launch on both), this app is free.

You set it up with details of your home, your tasks, the people who live there and you’re ready to go.

Splitting the bill - Fairshare app

Splitting the bill – Fairshare app

Allocated a “difficulty level” for each task, and setup all your bills and you’re ready to go.

Splitting bills is easy, keeping track of expenses is easy, and every “transaction” each housemate makes is entered into the system and shared in a household newsfeed which makes the app kinda like a social network for your home.

Given the app is free, and includes no ads or any in-app payments – there’s no catch. No reason not to give it a try.

I spoke to the apps co-founder Jules Malseed-Harris on Your Tech Life this week, he explained in great detail the background to the app, and just how it works.

To download Fairshare visit their website or download for iOS or Android