This while wireless charging caper is not new, but in reality – it’s brand new.  As we said when it launched on Apple’s iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the iPhone X – when Apple does something, it goes mainstream. The 3SIXT Quick Charge Wireless Charger is our latest test product and our favourite of the bunch.

It’s really quite simple.  This one just works.  Every, Single, Time.

What I’ve found with some, the larger Belkin in particular is that I need to find the sweet spot – I’m not sure if mine is on the blink, but I’m spending 2-3 minutes a night (it seems) fumbling around to find the right spot.

On this 3SIXT “Fast Charge” it works every time, its a much smaller “pad” and so you are inclined to place the phone across it so it’s dead center and I’d assume that’s where the charging elements are on the phone too.

Being so thin it looks great, at no more than around 1cm off the desk it really fits in well.  Comes with its own power cable, there’s really not much more to say than for any user of a Wireless Charging capable smartphone – this is an easy buy.

It’s $79.95 – Great gift or desk buy.

Web: 3SIXT