BEST Accessory – Logitech Case+

I can’t tell you how many cases and covers have come through the EFTM studio. It’s like the problem with finding awesome products at the annual Consumer Electronics Show – so many thousands of small iPhone and Mobile accessories to choose from!

We see a lot of them, and when it comes to iPhone and Smartphone cases we’re big fans of the Tech21 range – they probably offer the best phone protection without being overly bulky. The patented protective technology really can help you keep the phone safe and minimise damage when the unfortunate drop happens – so Tech 21 cases get a Highly Recommended from the EFTM team.


But when considering the best overall accessory we can’t go past the Logitech Case+ range. A single cover on your iPhone pairs up with a simple little kick stand, but perhaps most importantly it pairs magnetically with the Case+ drive – your in-car phone mount.

It’s the easiest to use car-mount I’ve ever used. Get in the car, reach your phone toward the mount and it snaps in place. Grab it when you’re getting out and it just pulls right off.

Easily the best accessory for regular iPhone users particularly those who drive a lot. The drive in-car mount also works with other phones via a metal plate you stick on the back.

As a “system” it has so much going for it. The Case+ Energy gives you a battery recharge when the day is long and the iPhone’s been getting a workout and because it snaps on the existing case it doesn’t get in your way at all.

Top stuff from Logitech. An easy EFTM Best for 2014


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