Ok, so this is a tough one – the sound category is packed with great players. Yep, Sonos, Samsung, Sony are doing great sound.  In the portable market there’s the fantastic products from Harmon/Kardon and Logitech.  But recently, the Braven 855s took our eyes and ears.

The Logitech UE Boom had our heart taken with its portable size and great sound – so we have to give it a Highly Recommended, but when it came to all round sound and features, the Braven 855s is a cracker.


It’s huge, heavy but that gives it the great sound it has, and also the onboard features.  With enough battery power to not only play the sound but charge your devices on the go.

A rugged look and feel, but great sound and it’s different enough to be unique and that makes us want it!

It’s an EFTM Best for 2014.