When we thought about what item or gadget was “BEST for Kids” we knew that it had to be a tablet, they are everywhere, kids are learning, playing and communicating with these things more than ever could have been expected.  But when choosing which was BEST – do we pick one of the great child-proof cases, or was there a device that could do it all?

While the iPad might be all things for all people, there is one part of the market that Apple just can’t get right on its own. Kids. Parents around he world have iPads with cracked screens or sitting in huge soft bumpers. They become only for the kids yet the software is all the same as what mum and dad’s iPad might be.  For that reason we Highly recommend a strong and robust case like the Clumsy for your iPad if the kids are making use of it.

There was no question where this award should go – the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids.  A huge hit with my three kids it has just what you need


What Samsung did with the “Tab 3 Kids” was combine a fun look, practical covering, and kids-only interface. The bright colours define this as for the kids. The big stylus makes learning your pen grip a reality, the accessories to protect the device are functional, but most of all, it’s in “kids mode” – which restricts what the kids can do so you can happily hand it over without any concerns. Yet, mum or dad can jump back into the normal android operating system with the touch of a button and a password. It’s bloody fantastic.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Kids in the optional tough-case

Samsung Galaxy Tab Kids in the optional tough-case