The popular Ring Video doorbell has been updated and a new product added to the Australian market with the Ring Floodlight Cam ready to record your driveway or backyard too.

I’ve been a massive wrap on the Ring Doorbell since I installed it – so handy, so great.

So when I installed the Ring Doorbell 2 I wondered – what could it do better?  The simple answer is video quality.  So so much better.  Take a look at this comparison back to back and see if you notice (if you don’t, then head to OPSM immediately)

So the video is a million times better, and that costs you just $30 more – with the Doorbell 2 costing $329 over the original at $299.

However, there are other advantages – namely the battery is removable, so you don’t have to take your whole doorbell out of service while you charge – and while the battery is out, there’s a little bit of left over battery power in the doorbell to keep it running.

Exceptional, and well worth the investment.

Likewise, the new Ring Floodlight Cam – at $379 it’s not the cheapest sensor light you’ll get, but this one has a microphone, speaker and camera.

The sensors are excellent, picking up motion in great detail – though as always customisable to ensure you don’t get too many alerts.

I think the Floodlight is best kept in “no alert” mode on your phone, so it just records everything it sees and you’ve got access to the video.

Audio is good enough to hear the kids chatting when they get out of the car, but not to hear people’s conversations as they walk past:)

They only downside is the subscription, you’re up for an annual fee of $40 a year to really get the most from the cameras and get access to all those recordings when you want them.  But, we live in a subscription world – that’s life!

Video quality I found great, not excellent, still feels pixelated a touch but I think it delivers what you need for the price.