BEST Tablet 2014 – Apple iPad mini (Retina)

There’s plenty of Tablet computers on the market. It’s flooded in fact. From low-cost android devices being sold at supermarkets, to Windows tablets from Nokia, Samsung’s Galaxy range and of course the iconic iPad.

iPad mini

iPad mini

When it comes to choosing the best, we can’t go past one of Apple’s more recent versions – the iPad mini with Retina. While the iPad Air is great, the thing we love most about the Mini is just that, the size. Samsung also make smaller sized tablets (check our “Best for Kids” category), but for me, when you ask around there’s just one tablet people really want to own – an iPad, so if you’re looking for a tablet we think the pick of the iPad bunch is the iPad mini with Retina because of its size, weight, power and performance alongside it’s bigger sibling and the stunning screen which is made even better by the huge range of iPad specific apps on the market.


Ease of use and App Store quality make iPads the tablet of choice, the Mini is the best of the bunch.

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