Ultrabook, Laptop, PC, Mac, so many terms, so much confusion.  When it comes to “judging” or comparing devices, you can’t dismiss the fact that MacBook Air is one of the best portable computers you can buy. One of the best Laptops. But, the Mac operating system just isn’t for everyone.

Today, the definition of Laptop or Ultrabook is difficult to communicate to buyers and Apple won’t go near the term Ultrabook – despite essentially creating the category.

When it comes to choosing a “BEST” we have to remember that the bulk of computer purchases today are still Windows – far and away above Mac – and if you want a Windows Ultrabook – you have to hold the Lenovo X1 Carbon in your hand. It’s so thin, so light, and there aren’t many that look like it let alone pack it’s power.


A huge 14 inch screen in a usable size and form-factor. A keyboard with a row of keys which changes depending on the program you are using. It’s an easy selection for Best Ultrabook.