While the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is notably different to it’s predecessor even at a distance the just-announced Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is an incremental advance for Samsung as the device pushes into it’s fifth-generation.

Opening up to a 7.6 inch screen, the Fold range is all about being a workhorse and in that respect it’s like a year on year upgrade for the nitty gritty.

Brightness up from 1000 to 1200 Nits, at Peak from 1300 to 1750 nits.

Powered by a the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 (for Galaxy) it’s got the performance for gaming too, and while I really don’t think that’s a primary function of the Fold it’s certainly up for it. A new larger Vapor chamber allows for better cooling, something critical to performance gaming.

Since the first generation weight has come down some 36 grams to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5’s 253grams, 10g less than even last year.

Folded, it’s 2.4mm thinner at 13.4mm and yes, baby yes, it folds shut properly with a Zero Gap hinge.

Samsung want you to see this as a “PC in your pocket”, because it’s multi-tasking capabilities, let alone the DEX PC control settings really make it possible to carry the Fold as not just your primary smartphone, but even instead of a laptop.

There are some improvements on a software level too, with the taskbar on the open screen now showing suggested apps based on your usage, and recently used apps too.

Critically, for lovers of the S-Pen, that’s been made vastly better. Instead of jamming a traditional S-Pen onto a case, Samsung has designed a new flatter S-Pen and a case it clips into to make it far more “normal” in profile, though it’s still 4.35mm extra in width.

It’s a critical improvement with the S Pen case making up 70% of accessory sales for Samsung’s Fold range!

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold5 will come in three colours; Phantom Black, Cream and Icy Blue and will start at $2,599 – a $100 jump from last year which Garry McGregor from Samsung Australia told EFTM was unavoidable “I think all tech companies, we all go back to US dollars and we have challenges with components. We’ve done everything that we can in Australia to keep the pricing as low. And over the last few years we’ve been really, really bullish with this pricing. We just couldn’t hold it as much as we wanted to. So it’s a modest increase, but with the amount of time we’re spending on technology, we’re confident that Australians will respond to it.”

DevicesStorageMemoryRRP (AUD)
Z Fold5256GB12GB$2,599
Z Fold5512GB12GB$2,799
Z Fold51TB12GB$3,149

Pre-orders start today, and devices will be on Sale from August 18. But if you pre order now, expect delivery far sooner as Samsung has a habit of pulling the surprise and delight deliveries before the on-sale date.

Trevor Long travelled to Korea as a guest of Samsung Australia