Not too long ago if you told me there were plans to make an automated pet feeder that was internet connected and controlled  via an app, I’d have told you it was insane.  But hey – if you can extend the “internet of things” to lawn-mowers, then why not a pet-feeder right?  Introducing the Petnet SmartFeeder.

pn-colorsI don’t have pets anymore, but when I had a couple of cats I trialled a couple of systems to make feeding easier (for me).  I even had a device which had four feeds within it, and a rotating cover which “revealed” the feed each day for your pet.

Then there are the simple “feedlot” approaches which use gravity to simply keep the dry food falling down into the bowl as the bowl empties out.

The problem with that is your pet just eats, and eats, and eats.  And if you are so lazy you rely on that to feed your pet there is a chance you’ll forget to fill it up when it gets empty.

pn-3-4Hello technology.  The Petnet smart-feeder is connected to the internet allowing you to use your mobile phone to check feed levels, determine times of day that food should be dispensed and the size of the portions dispensed.

Portion control for cats and dogs.  Yep.


It’s actually a very cool idea and should be available later this year. You’re looking at $199 US up to $249 retail, so expect with Australian shipping that’s a $300+ item – you’ve gotta love your animal or be a complete geek to want one – but hey, that doesn’t rule too many people out does it?

Web: Petnet

Thanks DAVE for letting us know about this one!