We get to drive a lot of cars, and one of the first things we do is pair our phone with Bluetooth and check out what the entertainment system has to offer. While cars like the Inifiniti Q50 might have a bundle of features and fancy dual touch screens, we think then future of in-car entertainment is smartphone integration. It’s not enough to just stream bluetooth music. In this day and age we have apps and software features on our phones which should benefit us while we’re driving, not just when we’re sitting around.

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With Apple moving into this space with CarPlay, you could argue that the Holden MyLink infotainment system is the preview to this integrated mode.

Plug in your smartphone, and if you’re running one of the integrated apps like Stitcher, Tune-in radio or Pandora or even specific navigation apps and you’re little touch-screen becomes a whole lot more.


In our mind, it’s the benchmark for out of the factory entertainment systems and Holden should be proud to have it part of the Australian vehicle range thanks to it’s General Motors global in-car program.