Call me an impulse shopper but I’m not sure I really needed the items I bought online from Kogan a few weeks ago. Delivered, and unpacked – with the Kogan logo slapped on the side this is no “el cheap” it’s a bloody good tripod and I just had to share that.

SAMSUNG CSCSo I didn’t really “need” a tripod, but the one my Mother and Father-in-Law bought for me when I got my first DSLR 4 years ago has been good, but it was a cheap and simple thing to get me started – you know the one, light grey, plastic job.

To confirm for me that I didn’t have an urgent need – I placed my order for a Kogan Professional Camera Tripod on May 16.  It was dispatched on the 20th.  The courier tried to deliver for me on the 21st.  I didn’t get around to calling them to re-arrange delivery until June 3rd.  I got home tonight and ripped into the packaging.

I ordered two.  Overkill – yes, but there’s a good use for them when we’re shooting cars for review, and for our product photos.

SAMSUNG CSCMost certainly I don’t have the need for total precision – yes, there are tripods out there for many hundreds of dollars, and if you’ve invested several thousand in your camera kit – please, feel free to spend up big on a tripod.  But for me, I just wanted something a little more solid, easier to fold out, and with a bit more measurement of levels and importantly some weight to it.

In the box, I could feel the weight question was a tick.  When I opened it up, I was frankly surprised to find a carry bag for the tripod and then inside that a great looking tripod.

There’s only one part required for assembly – one of the arms used to lock the camera head in place.  And overall, that’s the only issue with the whole product, because you can’t fold it back to fit it in the carry bag, you will need to remove it each time.

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There’s a spirit level on the vertical and horizontal angles, plus a compass if for some reason that’s important to you.SAMSUNG CSCTurning the head when static is smooth and well weighted so for video you’re less chance of rushed or bumpy shots.Look, I’m very very happy with this purchase.  $59 each – top value.  Looking around, I think you’d pay $80 or more for these style and quality tripods, and for the amateur photographer, I don’t know why you’d need to pay more.SAMSUNG CSCYou think of Kogan as a cheap TV company.  And that’s because for the most part that’s what we all know about the company.  Ruslan Kogan has worked hard with his unique style and approach to disrupt the electronics retail industry in Australia – spend a bit of time on the Kogan website and you’ll soon realise he’s disrupting retail generally.From the marketing approach with uses Google advertising probably better than any other company in Australia to target product advertisements right to the user who’s looking for them.Don’t let the Kogan brand put you off.  You’re saving money – what’s wrong with that?My only gripe is having to wait for courier drivers to re-deliver – perhaps we need to have an online authorisation to leave the items unattended or use a parcel pickup service to avoid delays in delivery.[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Kogan Professional Tripod” rev_body=”A solid tripod with loads of features at a great price” author=”Trevor Long” user_review=”4.5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]