When I first saw the Moon UltraLight, I couldn’t quite understand why anyone would want one, let alone buy it, especially because almost all smart phones these days have built-in flashes. But after it was demonstrated to me, I really can see the benefit for anyone into their selfies or artistic photos on their smart phone.

The Moon UltraLight is a completely independent accessory to your mobile phone, but it complements it perfectly. It’s a small light that clips on to the top of your phone and provides additional light to those low light selfies. The benefit of using the Moon UltraLight is that it removes the blow out that flashes often cause. This is a static light that is on before you take the photo.

Not only does the Moon UltraLight provide a light straight from your phone, but it’s possible to unclip it and place it at different angles, such as on a table or from above to cast different shadows to really show off your artistic side. The ability to adjust the warmness of the light is another benefit that sets it apart from a normal flash.

Rechargeable with a micro-USB, it will last 2-3 days of intermittent usage. The Moon UltraLight is available for sale at Moonultra.com.

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