You know we love the case+ system of accessories from Logitech – why else would we give them our BEST Accessories award for 2014.  This week Logitech added a couple of new items to the “range” of “+” supported accessories including a second in-car mount – the  “+trip”.

Case+ Drive was popular from day one here, with a small and simple windscreen attachable suction cup mounting system that meant your phone – using the Case+ cover or sticker would just snap into place.



For some reason, some people don’t like the idea of the phone on the windscreen, or perhaps as I’ve found in a few cars, the windscreen seems to mean the phone is a long way out of reach.


Case+ Trip is a tiny little thing, about the size of a 50c piece to look at, but solid, and on the back a hard rubber peg like opening.  It doesn’t have a mechanical hinge, it simply uses the rubber grip to attach to the air vents in your car.  Simple huh!


So now your phone is at dashboard level, well within reach if you legally are able to, and  not blocking any windscreen space.

The only catch is that it might not be perfect for your car.  If your vents are too thin, or even to thick – or weirdly designed, this won’t be for you. But for the vast majority.  Perfect.

Logitech Case+ - +Wallet

Logitech Case+ – +Wallet

In addition, Logitech announced the +Wallet which is a simple attachment for your Case+ cover allowing you to keep a few credit cards with your phone – oh and don’t worry, they have protection built in so your cards are not demagnetised!

Both the +Trip and +Wallet will launch later this month, and will retail for around $30.

[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Logitech Case+ Trip” rev_body=”A tiny little car mount for your phone which works on phones with a Case+ cover or sticker attachment” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2014-06-30″ user_review=”5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]