The brilliant tech startup Code Like a Girl, notorious for encouraging girls to consider a career in STEM, have launched a ‘Roaming Classroom’ to bring their services to those in less affluent and rural areas. This program will assist the company in achieving their goal to increase diversity in the Australian tech industry.

An inside look at a Code Like a Girl lesson.

Here at EFTM we’re ecstatic to see Code Like a Girl expanding and making progress in their work. As a cyber security student at university, I can attest to the gender imbalance that is incredibly present in the industry. And while we’re not here to debate why or where this comes from, we fully support the awesome work Code Like a Girl are doing in Australian tech.

On why they decided to launch the Roaming Classroom, Co-Founder of the company Vanessa Doake is quoted as saying “We believe tech is for everyone – we’re not just about equipping the top 10% of female coders. But when you run workshops exclusively in the CBD you do have a limited pool of girls who can attend. It goes to the core of our beliefs to ensure we’re exposing as many girls as possible to the benefits of a career in tech, and the best way for us to do this is to take our workshops to those who otherwise would have difficulty attending.

Co-Founder of Code Like a Girl, Vanessa Doake.

Now the Roaming Classroom will initially only be in Melbourne – touring around;

  • Brimbank | October 20-21
  • Hobsons Bay | November 17-18
  • Maribyrnong | December 1-2
  • Melton | January 19-20
  • Moonee Valley | February 23-24
  • Wyndham | March 16-17

These workshops will be exceptional for young girls. With the travelling classroom reportedly being pink, filled with motivational posters, programmable lamps, neon signs, colourful chairs, desks and colourful lockers.

Code Like a Girl Co-Founder Ally Watson has said that “Our mission is not just about getting more women in tech, it’s about getting more women building tech. Because unless we start really diversifying the tech industry – not just to include females but people from all walks of life – technology is never going to reach its full potential.

Co-Founder of Code Like a Girl, Ally Watson.

Tickets to the Roaming Classroom will be available from as low as $5 to help accommodate the less fortunate or otherwise financially capable.

Any girls that wish to sign up for the program across Melbourne can do so by clicking here!