Even as an adult, I bloody love water balloons.  As a kid, they were great fun, as a teenager, I may have been guilty of the odd drive-by water bombing.  But the one thing that will seemingly forever frustrate you will be filling and then putting a knot in your arsenal of water balloons. Not any more – thanks to one genius dad.

8c41f075555ef9261f822beaca3c37bd_largeThanks to crowd-funding we get an insight into new ideas and inventions before they hit the stores, and the “Bunch O Balloons” is one such project.

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This inventive dad developed a set of balloons which screw directly onto your hose and when the tap turns on, 100 balloons all fill at the same time.  To top it off – you shake the hose and the balloons all fall off – tied up.  Done.  In water-balloon warfare – that’s one heck of an advantage.

He needed $10,000 to make the idea a reality and start producing the balloons, with 27 days to go, and at the time of writing, he’d raised over $230,000.

Check out the video used to “sell” the idea – it clearly worked.

And if you want to back the project and get some of the first balloons – jump over to kickstarter and back it with your own cash.