Checking your mobile data usage just got easier with My Vodafone

It doesn’t matter which mobile carrier you are with, the advice for everyone is the same – check and monitor your data usage regularly.  With streaming media services growing in popularity along with websites and mobile apps like Facebook automatically  playing video there’s a growing demand on our monthly data allowance – and therefore all the more reason to check your usage.

The problem for many people is getting that information from your carrier.  Each carrier has a website or app you can use to view your usage – but until now you needed to remember a password to get in – and if you’re like me you forgot that one after the first time you used it.

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(Before and After – on the right, the default page when accessing via your Vodafone mobile phone)

Vodafone have quietly rolled out a great new feature – Auto Authentication.  If you visit their customer data website (My Vodafone) while connected to the Vodafone network, the site will automatically determine your mobile number and authenticate you in to the site allowing you access to all your usage data.  Simple!

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(Easily buy more data, view daily usage or detailed usage information)

You can view data and call usage as an overall slice of your monthly allowance, or view usage on a day by day basis.

It’s so easy.  Just remember, if you’re on a WiFi Network you will still get the login page – you need to be connecting via the Vodafone mobile network.

The usage graphs are simple – as is adding data packs to your plan should you realise you need a bit more for the month.

It’s all available now to Vodafone customers at


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