Remember the Seinfeld episode where George makes a donation to “the Human Fund” on behalf of others and gives them a card at Christmas time letting them know?  The joke being, he doesn’t actually donate, and thus avoids any expense for his co-workers Christmas gifts.   Well, the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s (NBCF) Father’s Day campaign might just be what you need – except in this case you can actually help by donating.

NBCF_FathersDay_SocksJocksThe idea is simple – instead of giving dad the same old “socks and jocks” he gets every other year, log on to the NBCF website and make a donation – you’ll get a card in the mail specially designed for Fathers Day – featuring some pink socks and jocks.

Real men wear pink right?  You can give dad the card, he’ll love the thought of doing some good, and if you wanted to take it a step further – go out and buy him some pink socks and jocks and challenge him to wear pink!

All for a good cause – and the simplest Father’s Day present you’ll organise – just log on – and donate.