There will come a time when every room in the house has a speaker so you can enjoy your music as you want and when you want – perhaps the most important place is the most overlooked thus far.  The shower!  Who doesn’t love a good old sing-along hey?


The latest speaker to be put on sale in Australia by Braven is the Mira.   The Mira has all the hallmarks of the Braven range, with a quality construction and decent sound, but with the addition of everything you need for a shower radio.

Put tune-in radio on your smartphone and you can enjoy the breakfast shows when getting ready for work, or throw some tunes on and just belt ’em out in your best shower voice.


IMG_2313Braven’s design team have found a great hybrid approach here.  This rounded design is impressive, in a range of colours, however the genius comes from the little stand at the back.

This kick-stand means you can sit the speaker almost anywhere.

Pull it right out and the stand becomes a hook – whack it over the shower head and you’ve got a genuine shower radio – not just a speaker in the bathroom.

The sound is excellent, with volume, power and play/pause control on the front.  While there are no skip forward or skip backward buttons, those functions are available by pressing and holding either of the volume buttons.

braven-mira-water-resistant-home-speaker-red-blue-yellow-cIt’s IPX5 water-resistant which in terms of a shower radio means there’s nothing to worry about.  Don’t sit it on the floor of the shower where it might drown, but it can easily take a spray directly from the head of the shower.

I love the design, the colour range and overall the concept.

At $149.99 it’s a great price given its added waterproof and design features, and you’ll find it in major retailers from October.

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