One of the joys of prepaid mobile plans is the flexibility to switch carriers as often as you like in an effort to find the best plan, best inclusions and best coverage for you. After spending much of its focus in the last 18 months on contract customers, Vodafone today announced a revamp of its prepaid offering to entice more customers to its network.


The prepaid market is huge – Optus recently revamped their plans, and now Vodafone is following suit – and with a feature of the Vodafone contract plans being big data allowances, it really is no surprise to find them including huge amounts of data in their newly launched prepaid plans.

The Deals


On a recharge of $30 you’ll get 1GB of data, for $40 you’ll get 2GB and at $50 you’ll be entitled to 3GB of data for the 28 day period ahead. At the $50 level you’ll also get unlimited calls and texts, while texts are unlimited on all plans.

As a bonus for existing customers and as a way to entice you to keep renewing month after month, a bonus amount of data is added if you recharge online – 250MB for the $30 recharge, and 500MB each on the $40 and $50 recharge.

Plus, for added simplicity, PayPal is now an option for recharge payment.

Simple Setup

If there’s one thing that might stop someone from switching carriers more regularly it’s the activation process.

You know how it works, you go to the local servo or supermarket, grab a SIM for a token charge, and then you need to call up or go online, enter a bunch of numbers and start the process of “activating” that SIM.

Vodafone have focussed on that process, and now all a new user needs to do is put the SIM in their phone and turn it on – open the browser and you’ll be guided through the process step by step.

Recharging is just as simple.


Seems like a bit of a no-brainer to me.

So if you’ve just shelled out $1000 for a new iPhone outright, or you’re tracking your monthly spend and want a new option – check out the new plans from Vodafone from September 24.