The G-Shock watch was created in 1983, born out of an engineer’s passion for the idea of an “unbreakable watch” – something very different in the world of watches.  Over the 30 years that have followed the G-Shock has evolved to incorporate some very innovative technology, none more-so than the advanced hybrid time-keeping in the new GPW1000 series.


In an era when the “smartwatch” is all the rage, we have to ask ourselves – what makes a watch smart?  Surely the very fact these things keep time is smart!  Nope, let’s add Bluetooth, and music-player control, and sure – you can make a fancy touch-screen one too, but for fans of the Casio G-Shock range there’s something very nice to tease their love for the G-Shock range.


The GPW1000 uses both GPS (Global Positioning System satellite signals) and radio-wave time calibration signals to ensure your watch is accurate at all times.

Combined with the G-Shock’s trademark rugged toughness, the use of ultra-small motors for the  movement mechanisms allowed for the space inside the watch for the hybrid timekeeping system.


With these features comes an increased demand for power, so the GPW-1000 features new low-power consumption technologies as well as a new shape solar cell with high-efficiency output.

SAM_0012(Carbon Fibre insert in the band)

This beast features a reinforced construction to resist “shocks, centrifugal force and vibrations” as well as a high-strength carbon-fibre insert in the band and bezel.

It’s just amazing.


For the traveller, it’s a great simple to use mechanism – when I flew into San Fransisco last week I pressed one button on the side of the watch, it paused and searched, then quickly adjusted the hands on the watch to give me an accurate local time, day of week and date.  Brilliant.


No matter where you are, the GPW-1000 will find a time signal.  From GPS Satellites, or from these six radio-wave towers around the world, the watch will keep accurate time and adjust no matter what environment you are in.

It’s hefty on your wrist, at 126 grams, but that feels solid and you’ll know you’re getting a solid return for your investment.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 9.04.44 pm

The GPW-1000 is available in three colours, and will set you back $1,199 and you’ll find them in limited numbers at G-Factory, Myer, Angus & Coote & Wallace Bishop.


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