So you bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – good for you, what a great device.  However, it’s not as easy to find “protection” for is it.  Sadly for fans of the Surface there just isn’t as much range available as you might find with “other” tablets – Am I right?  NVS has got you covered (literally)


For solid ongoing protection the NVS Folio Stand is a cracker.

Available at JB HiFi and Harvey Norman nationally (and in New Zealand at JB HI Fi, Noel Leemings and Harvey Norman), this one will set you back $69.99.  It’s a solid bit of kit.  The Surface Pro 3 clips into a plastic shell while the leather outer folds around to protect your device front and back.


When opened, there are several ridges on the inside cover for you to stand the Surface up against for the best viewing angle.  This means you aren’t using the Surface’s own innovative kick-stand but the trade-off is getting the strong all round protection.

Your side ports for power, USB and display are still accessible so there really is no reason for the Surface to ever come out of the Folio.


Importantly the Folio Stand works with or without the Microsoft Keyboard also attached.


Available in Black and Red it’s a solid choice for Surface owners.

If the raw “naked” surface is more your thing, consider an NVS Padded Protective Sleeve.  Available at Harvey Norman in Australia (and in New Zealand at JB HI Fi, Noel Leemings and Harvey Norman), for $49.99 this is a simple sleeve to slip your device in to.


For Macbook Air 11 inch users, or frankly any device around the 11 inch mark these are perfect.

A few colours to choose from, a great option for basic protection while you carry your Surface around.


NVS also have some screen protectors, for $29.99 they are available at in Australia at JB HiFi and Harvey Norman, and in New Zealand at JB HI Fi, Noel Leemings and Harvey Norman.

Each pack comes with 2 screen protectors. I think there is two included because you’ll stuff up your first attempt.  I certainly did.  The Surface Pro 3 is a big device, so a tiny degree off at one end means something very different at the other end.  Still, if you’re worried about protecting the screen these are the ones to choose.

If you opt for the Folio you probably don’t need a screen protector, but any other cover will likely mean you’ll be best off with some screen protection also.

You’ll also find all these products online if that suits you better!