Eight days ago Cyber Security NSW issued a directive titled “Protecting NSW Government information on government-issued devices” which sets out the need to prevent the installation of, and remove existing instances of the TikTok application on government-issued devices. Five hours ago new NSW Government Minister Rose Jackson posted a new video to the banned platform showing off her new Ministerial office and talking about the mountain of paperwork she’s had to read and the work she has ahead of her.

A strong stench of hypocrisy there you’d think?

Now, to be clear, Ms Jackson was quite likely using a personal device to record and post this video, something that the same Government policy allows for.

However, when your Premier makes a public statement about banning TikTok and removing his own account, you’d have to wonder why his own Ministers aren’t following suit?

The NSW Government ban is set out as a clear response to the Federal Government ban which was made “to address security risks to the Commonwealth.”

Federally, the Australian Cyber Security Centre provides” guidance on risks related to devices and applications”. And states that, in reference to Social Media applications – “Social media and messaging… typically collect extensive data as part of their business model. These apps may also collect additional data from individuals’ devices, which extends beyond the content of messages, videos and voice recordings….”

But, as with all great Government Policies (like the one that prevents companies from being able to Spam us via SMS without an unsubscribe link, but exempts political parties from that rule), there’s a gaping huge loophole which our politicians will now dance through.

That being stated as the TikTok ban “does not impact personal use on personal devices.”

So, of course, Ms Jackson, and all her colleagues are able to grab a burner phone from the servo or a telco and keep on posting.

Oh, and then there’s the other big exemption (Loophole) called “Legitimate business reasons for TikTok

This one says that “There may be circumstances in which NSW Government clusters, agencies or staff require access to the TikTok application for work purposes, e.g. communications, promotions and research.”

That Cyber Security NSW directive says that in such cases “an adequate risk assessment must first be completed in consultation with the agency or cluster Chief Information Security Officer or equivalent and may only proceed with their approval. Agencies using the TikTok application must also implement risk mitigation strategies in accordance with Cyber Security NSW guidance”

It’s unlikely Rose Jackson needed to perform that Risk Assessment, as we’re pretty sure she’s doing this on a personal device of her own or her staff.

But it just shows what a joke this all is doesn’t it?

If we’re banning TikTok because they’re spying on us (that’s never been stated, no actual specific reason has been given) – then aren’t they also now gathering information about Ms Jackson like her location (which TikTok does not gather via GPS, only IP address, unlike other social apps), contacts, calendar and all the scary things talked about in recent weeks?

Let’s get serious. If we’re banning TikTok, it shouldn’t be used BY Government employees and shouldn’t be used AT Government offices.

Anything else, and it’s all just bullshit.