After a few weeks dominated by Apple, Samsung has today jumped back into the limelight with availability and pricing announcements for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge.  We’ve got all the details, as well as Aussie pricing and availability for you.

While many think the large screen “phablet” is something new, Samsung is lengths ahead with their fourth generation Note product which has a huge 5.7 inch screen and is set apart from its competitors by the included and feature packed stylus or “S Pen”.

The display on the Note 4 is an AMOLED 5.7 inch “Quad HD” at 2560×1440 pixels with what Samsung claim are the best viewing angles yet on a Note product.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 4.56.25 pmAnother feature which sets the Note apart is the software work that Samsung has done to enable a “multi-window” experience which is as close to “PC like” multi-tasking as we’ve seen, allowing you to choose from a full, split or pop-up screen for many apps with swipe gestures to change.

With Instagram, Vine and Facebook all encouraging more and more video from users (not to mention YouTube) it seems Image Stabilisation are words we’re going to hear a lot more, with Samsung offering “Smart Optical Image Stabilisation” as part of the 16 megapixel read camera, while up front the 3.7 megapixel camera has a 90 degree shooting angle with a 120 degree wide setting available also.

Given the focus on battery life, Samsung have enabled a fast charging feature to get some quick juice into the battery (charge the phone to 50% in just 30 minutes), as well as the Ultra Power Saving mode which we’ve seen recently on the Galaxy S5 that switches your screen to almost black and white and gives you loads more time on your device.

The S Pen now has a more authentic feel, with a natural brush effect emulating writing on paper with a fountain pen as well as more user-friendly “air commands” which you summon up by floating the stylus above the screen.

Adding some Edge

To really set themselves apart, Samsung have also announced Aussie pricing for the interesting new Galaxy Note Edge. Australia will be one of only a few markets to get the Note Edge, Samsung made that decision based on the success of Note devices in Australia and our love of new technology.

This little beauty (actually it’s huge too) has a little bit of extra screen which rolls over the right hand side of the device and allows you to see frequent apps, notifications, alerts and perhaps even a ruler.

The real advantage comes when you have a closed flip-over case because even then you can see the notifications and choose what action you want to take.

When you’re watching a video your notifications appear on the edge to ensure an uninterrupted viewing experience. It’s really something you have to see.

When and how much?

The Galaxy Note 4 will be available from the Samsung Experience Store and leading retailers from October 29 with a RRP of $949 with pre-sale orders open from October 15, the Galaxy Note Edge will be available from November 5 with a RRP of $1,249.