In terms of independent and thorough testing of cameras it doesn’t come much better than the process the people at DXO Mark go through in their testing.

A few years ago they took their process and created a spin off specifically for smartphones and since then it’s been a badge of honor to score a big score for a new smartphone.

Last night, DXOMark announced their score for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and it’s top of the pops.

Pipping the outstanding Huawei P30 Pro by a point, the Note 10+ scores a 113 on the DXOMark scale for the rear cameras, and a 99 for the Selfie Camera which is also the top result to date.

DXO scores are not an out of 100 mark, they are a sliding scale based on a huge range of features.

For example, the Note 10+ scores 76 on Zoom while the Huawei P30 Pro scores 95 thanks to it’s stunning hybrid zoom capabilities.

But on Exposure, Colour, Artifacts, and Bokeh it’s ahead and that counts overall. Interestingly the Huawei still pips the Samsung Note 10+ on Autofocus, Noise and Flash.

On video the Note 10+ is a big winner too with a score of 101.

It’s important validation for Samsung who have put everything into this device having seen the leaps and bounds that Huawei have put in in the last 18 months.

It sets the scene for a big 2020 with the Galaxy S11 due early in the year and we’re expecting even more from that device’s camera given recent announcements of a huge sensor and 108Megapixel count on a smartphone camera module that’s yet to hit the market.

More than ever, that phone – is a camera which just happens to also work as a phone.