If you’re using more than one remote in the lounge room, chances are they all look the same. Soniq is hoping to solve that problem with colourful remote controls for their range of TVs

frontMy kids don’t quite know what the difference between the “TV”, “Foxtel” and “Fetch” remotes are in our house, so it’s often the case they’ll grab the wrong one – but if I had a Soniq TV I could get a coloured remote and instead ask them to bring me the “Yellow remote” because they are great with colours! (and yes, I ask them to bring me the remote from time to time!)


Available in blue, yellow, pink, green and red, they’ll set you back $45 a pop and can be purchased on the Soniq website.

Check the website to ensure your particular Soniq TV is compatible (E23Z13A, E32W13A/D, E40W13A, L32V12B, L42D11A, L47V12A, E48W13A, P51E12A), and then off you go – add some colour to the lounge room.