Drones are one of the “in things” at the moment and they’re also a huge market which continues to grow, not just in terms of sales but in competition. So the announcement today of a huge price drop to the best in the business is a sign of retail war among the drone companies.

There’s no question in my mind that the DJI Phantom 3 Professional is the best drone you can get. The image quality (4K) is sensational, the range is fantastic, the ease of use it top-notch and frankly it’s plug and play out of the box.

So when DJI say they’re slashing the RRP from $2199 to $1699 you’ve got to take notice.

Now keep in mind, this is the latest in a range of reductions across their products – they’re now looking like a company with a wide range at various prices.


Here’s what DJI Offer:

bebopbluenofly_1_1Probably their biggest competitor other than Parrot who offer the Beebop at $799 or $1499 with their “skycontroller” is 3DR.


The 3DR Solo is a great unit, that requires (like the original Phantom’s did) a separate Gimbal to mount your own GoPro on.

That whole kit (without a GoPro) is $2198 – and with the GoPro price on top it’s a fair investment.

EFTM understands 3DR are looking to reduce their price further in response to DJI aiming for a price point around $1900. That should come within the next two weeks.


And finally, though there hasn’t yet been a price variation, the Hexo+ is seeking a bit of profile as the first to be autonomous in its “follow” you nature. While this feature has been adopted by others via software, this was the premise of the Hexo+ when it was first announced at CES in 2015. Though its $2459 with a Gimbal included so it’s the most expensive of the lot.

What do you reckon? Time to get a drone?

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