Today on the Gold Coast in Queensland Symantec, makers of Norton Anti-Virus, gave beyondblue a $260,000 donation towards continuing the great work they do. This weekend the V8 Supercars race in sunny Queensland and while this brings joy to many, there are 1 million people in Australia suffering from depression and 2 million suffering from anxiety.

Symantec has been selling their Norton 360 Multi-Device product and using a portion of sales from this to accumulate this sizable donation to beyondblue.


Georgie Harman, CEO, beyondblue, said: “Symantec has this year again provided the largest corporate donation from the private sector to beyondblue. This money will help us tackle cyberbullying and is important because we are seeing an evidence based connection between cyberbullying and suicide.”

Mark Gorrie, the Head of Norton – Pacific Region mentioned he had two kids and wants to do anything he can to protect them from threats online beyond virus’ and malware but from people who bully online.

After a successful weekend in Bathurst, the Norton Nissan Hornets are looking to go one better. A second place on the mountain was a huge achievement for the relatively new team and Nissan Hornets driver Michael Caruso says it’s their turn to get a win.


This weekend the Norton Hornets will be painted with a new livery featuring the drivers nicknames across the side.

“Mateship and camaraderie are fundamental elements for beyondblue when dealing with cyberbullying, depression and anxiety, so while ‘Moff Dog’ might look odd down the side of a race car, it’s the friendship that we have within the team that helps us achieve at the highest level – both on and off the track.” said Michael Caruso

Symantec works hard on their products to protect you and your family for computer virus’, malware and even internet filtering for safe and trusted sites. Something that isn’t so easy to develop is protection from those you interact with online and this is where beyondblue are able to help.

Some tips from Symantec and Beyond Blue on how to protect yourself from cyberbullying:

  1. Use caution when giving out mobile phone numbers or email addresses, or other social media contact information.

  2. Do not reply to threatening or disturbing emails, as this will only encourage the bully. If others in a chat or online discussion become unpleasant, leave the conversation.

  3. Make use of the privacy and security settings on social networking sites, as this will prevent bullies from seeing information they can use against their victims.

  4. If a child is being cyberbullied they should tell someone they trust, whether it is a friend, parent, teacher, or other person who works with youth.

  5. Keep any emails, messages, or texts as evidence of the bullying and block email addresses or specific users on certain social networks, so messages are no longer received.

  6. If you need to speak with someone about cyberbullying, depression or anxiety, contact beyondblue on or 1300 224 636.

For more information about how you can buy products to protect your computer and devices which aid beyondblue head here or look out for the beyondblue sticker on the box when you’re in the store.

If you are in need of help or know someone who needs assistance dealing with this mental illness reach out to beyondblue at

Geoff Quattromani travelled to the Gold Coast as a guest of Symantec.