Thinking your kids couldn’t program a robot?  Think again.  This is very cool.  And it’s just $50. (US).

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The concept is actually very simple.  The Ozobot is a tiny little robot, about the size of a 50c piece.  It can wander around a surface following lines.

That surface could be a bit of paper, or the screen of a tablet.  As long as someone draws a line, it will follow it.

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So where does the education come in?  Programming.  If you take a specific bit of “code” and give it to the robot along that line, it will perform differently.

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Your kids learn how codes can stand for a specific command, and they learn how to use the codes to manipulate the path of the robot.

Very cool, and for just $50 – a steal.  Lets hope they come to Australia at a reasonable price.

Check it out: