Put this in the fun, cool, innovative, strange, and why didn’t we think of that earlier categories at CES 2015. This is the high-viz cycling jacket that not only lets people clearly see where you are on the road, but when you are turning too.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 2.46.26 amIt’s strange because it’s a jacket with wires in it, and showcasing fashion at a tech show seems strange! But outside of that, from all the conversations I’ve had in the last two days, this product is actually quite appealing to many – in particular cyclists.

A good quality jacket in it of itself, waterproof and available in three colours, black, red and high-viz yellow this will keep you dry (ish) on the road as you cycle and its reflective strips will help drivers see where you are.

And then you plug it in. Inside the front right breast flap of the jacket is a small battery, and on the front of the jacket where that battery sits is a power button printed on. Press that and you’ll light up the night sky with small but bright LEDs on the front and back.


White LEDs along the front almost at your neck, with red LEDs along the back at the bottom of the jacket.


There are three modes of power, a slow flash, fast flash and always on, you flick between these three modes and also off by simply pressing the power button.

The real innovation comes when the company added motion sensors to the arms.

So you’re riding along, and want to turn right. Lift your arm, and hey presto on your upper arm the orange LEDs start to flash – just like a turn signal or indicator on a car.


Lower your arm and turn the corner the lights go off.

It’s that easy.

And it works.

Top stuff, great for safety, here’s hoping they get international distribution.

Currently in the UK the jacket is 99 pounds, so perhaps a price tag of $200 is not out of the question, but what price your safety huh?

Web: Visijax