Two Blokes Talking Tech – Episode #197 – the NBN is getting closer, eBay via Woolworths, Shared Vodafone

The NBN has purchased the Telstra and Optus Pay TV cables to carry the NBN to 30 percent of the country so what does it mean? eBay now delivering via Woolworths,Vodafone partners with Stan, and offers new Shared plans for families and couples, Family Sharing for iOS explained, Telstra’s Cheap 4GX phone,Toffee Accessories for iPhone and iPad, and Stephen looks at which apps are killing your battery and storage, plus his minute reviews.

Trev is a Technology Commentator, Dad, Speaker and Rev Head.

He produces and hosts two popular podcasts, EFTM and Two Blokes Talking Tech. He also appears on over 50 radio stations across Australia weekly, and is the resident Tech Expert on Channel 9’s Today Show each day and appears regularly on A Current Affair.

Father of three, he is often found down in his Man Cave.

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  1. Aaron

    February 26, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    Hi Trevor I listened in on the 2 Blokes Talking Tech podcast this morning and heard about this NBN business. My street does not have these pay TV cables, unless they are underground as they are not above ground in my area. I think I recall you mentioning that the NBN rollout should be completed within 5 years? Did you mean the NBN rollout completed across the country in 5 years? Is there any further information regarding this online? I am about 4km from my exchange and the internet speeds we get are appalling and decreasing over time. I connect at about 3mb down. Crap.

    • Trevor Long

      February 26, 2015 at 2:06 pm

      5 years, that’s it – if you aren’t in a HFC area, then Fibre to the Node is the likely outcome for you.

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