Emergency charge on the go for your car and your smartphone – The Uniden Jump Start Kit

It’s common place to take a battery pack when you travel to ensure your smartphone battery can be charged anywhere and any time, so if you’re lugging around a battery why not put it to good use in an emergency.  That’s exactly the idea behind the Uniden Jump Start Kit.  Genius.


When I saw the Weego at CES I thought it was a great idea, but as with many small brand product ideas at CES there was no word of Australian distribution.  Well Uniden have got all that and more with their Jump Start Kit.


Perfectly packaged to be a kit that is left in the boot or under the seat, this kit includes a 12,000mAh battery with a peak current of 400A which should jump-start even the biggest car.

But that’s not all.  Because all the parts of the kit are separate, it’s really the swiss-army knife of emergency power.


You can plug-in your smartphone or tablet via USB to give it a charge, and with 12,000mAh you’re going to get several recharges from the battery.



Then there’s the included compact air pump with pressure gauge.  Twist that onto a tyre and you can not only check the pressure but when connected to the portable battery pack you can pump up the tyres too!

SAMSUNG CSCAnd there’s a sports-ball needle for pumping up the kids footys, plus a torch to light things up if any of these emergencies are happening in the dark.

It’s a bloody great little kit that should get you out of a whole heap of possible problems.


Setting you back $199.95 it’s a whole lot more than a set of jumper-leads would be, but remember – you don’t need to find another car with this one.  You could be anywhere all on your own and still get the car started.


Uniden Jump Start Kit
Date Published: 04/23/2015
Great idea, everything you need for emergency power problems on the go and on your own - pricey, but worth it when you need it
4 / 5 stars

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