Put your wallet away, hang up from the travel agent, ignore the fake pilot from the Flight Centre ad. The flavour of Peru is coming to you.


Peru is known for a couple of key things; Machu Pichu and the fact that potatoes originated from their lands. They’re not entirely known for their coffee but don’t let that detract from what we are talking about.

Nespresso is bringing you a new pod for a limited time, the Peru Secreto. Sourced from the farms that grow in the Andean hillsides of Peru this new flavour is rather unique and designed to take you on the journey to these lands.

The pods are rated at an 8 for intensity yet it actually felt softer than that. The flavours from each sip were somewhat sweet yet complex with a real roasted taste. The Peru Secreto is being released just weeks since the Monsoon Malabar which we are still enjoying in the EFTM kitchen. If we had to choose one we would be sticking to the Indian drop however others who sampled both were quite divided.  Have both on hand to ensure you cater for both sides. They are certainly worthy of being in the Grand Cru range and as Limited Editions will be highly sought after. We still miss the flavours of Italy Nespresso produced years ago.

Peru Secreto will be available from the 18th of May at $8.90 for a sleeve of 10.