IMG_2870We know how difficult it can be to plan a weekend away for you and your loved one. Which hotel will be nice enough? What do they have on offer? EFTM is here to help.

This week we take a look at Jonah’s Restaurant and Boutique Hotel on Weekend Escape.







Jonah’s is located high above Whale Beach in NSW around 30 minutes from Sydney CBD. Once you are there it certainly does feel hundreds of miles away from home. Jonah’s is a very boutique place with only 11 rooms, all with ocean views which are absolutely stunning.

We had been to Jonah’s before to dine so we knew their restaurant was top notch, now the accommodation side was being experienced.

The view from Room 4

The view from Room 4

Upon being checked in we were escorted to our rooms for a tour and to help familiarise ourselves with the room. The room was very classy, an oversized bed, table and chairs and a bathroom bigger than some hotel rooms I’ve stayed in before. Fortunately Jonah’s had one of my needs met which was a television with Foxtel. The Grand Prix was on and it was important for me to watch qualifying. Since the view was so great and the choice of accommodation so fine, I was given the time to enjoy the live coverage and relax.

Room image

I was very impressed with the products being used in the bathroom (always great souvenirs by the way) and the huge spa. Stepping out onto the balcony though was the real wow factor. Two large layback chairs are on the balcony and offer a great spot to enjoy a drink from the well stocked bar fridge and forget about work, the kids, the world…

IMG_2845 IMG_2846








Before long we had our dinner reservation upstairs at the restaurant. The menu is simple with a set price for each course so you aren’t concerned about which meal to choose. It was hard to pick just one main though because the options are very good. Jonah’s has received multiple Chef’s hats from Good Food Guide year on year and their awards list is endless. The beverages list is great and diverse, we recommend discussing it with the waiter to pair a great wine with your meal, they’ll know best!


Petit Fours presented for a special occasion

After a great nights sleep it was convenient to be able to only trek back upstairs for breakfast. No need to get back in the car to find a cafe. After watching the amazing sunrise from our balcony we had built enough of an appetite. Breakfast at Jonah’s is relatively simple, a flat fee for your breakfast. Simple. It was a three course meal and was so much more than bacon and eggs. The coffee was also so good that I had two and the view from the restaurant is just marvellous.




Parking was free and with all meals, drinks and accommodation charged on the one account it was a very simple process. The pool area looked amazing however given the temperature below 20 degrees we gave it a miss.

In terms of escaping for the weekend, this was one of the easiest. The next time you need to surprise a loved one or even to escape on your own, this is a great option.