Codemasters just released an announcement trailer for the 2020 f1 game with a few key details in it.

The key announcements are:

  • Creating your own 11th team
  • Schumacher’s limited edition
  • Split screen
  • New assists
  • Career mode updates
  • And all the updated tracks and cars

Creating your 11th team

Codemasters has added a new ability where you will now be able to create your own team. The features that will be introduced in making your 11th team are:

  • Creating your own character
  • Designing your own car. This feature is most likely going to be your multiplayer car or will be designed like your multiplayer car
  • Then you will be able to choose a sponsor
  • An engine supplier (assumably Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, Honda)
  • And finally hiring a teammate
  • You can then build facilities, develop the team and race to the top.

So I guess that you can do everything in a career mode plus managing the team as well. This will be in its own BIG new game mode called My Team which will probably be a game mode that will be included in many more versions of the game to come.

Schumacher’s limited edition

F1 2019 had Ayrton vs Prost limited edition and this year it will be the 7-time world champion Micheal Schumacher with some brand new cars of his to drive. The Schumacher cars that will be introduced are:

1994 Benetton B194

1995 Benetton B195

2000 Ferrari F1-2000

1991 Jordan 191

These will be available as another limited pack to buy.

Split-screen’s back

There isn’t really that much to say about it but is back from its hibernation and will hopefully allow friends and family to play and race each other and prove who is the best!

New assist’s

My sister doesn’t want to start player F1 because she feels she will do really badly but hopefully, this new update allows her to start. They will have more assist for different levels from your first time to you’ve done 1,000,000 laps there will be an assist for you while you can still customise to your own style.

Career mode updates

You will now be able to customise your 10 season career from choosing to do F2 to doing less races in F1 to shorten the championships or just pick your favourite races and make it more exciting. This should allow the career mode to be more flexible and way better than before

New cars and circuits

All the new cars and tracks like Hanoi Circuit (Vietnamese Grand Prix) and Circuit Zandvoort (Dutch Grand Prix) so you can have a crack at the new circuits and the updated cars to race and see how good they are.

So that are the main features that are being introduced into the new game. F1 2020 will be released on the 10th  of July and will be available on Xbox, PS4, Steam and Stadia.