It’s a busy space in the tablet market, with the iPad leading the way followed by a huge range of Android Tablets. While Windows Tablets are available, they have struggled to get traction. Windows 10 is almost upon us, so Lenovo is getting ready for that with the announcement of the ThinkPad 10 at Lenovo TechWorld in Beijing.

ThinkPad 10-JanLeo (2)Described as the “full PC experience” the ThinkPad 10 packs an Intel Quad-Core processor, 1 inch screen and 10 hour battery life.

Separating itself from many tablets, and placing itself squarely alongside the Microsoft Surface, the ThinkPad 10 also comes with a precise pen experience for use with what Lenovo describes as a “more natural experience” in note taking using their WRITEit app.

If your tablet choice is determined by your corporate IT department, expect this one to be on their list.

For consumers, this is likely to sit alongside the Surface Pro in retail

Available Worldwide in August, starting at $549 in the U.S.

Aussie pricing coming soon!

Trevor Long is in Beijing as a guest of Lenovo.