When it comes to scooters, you’ll see many and varied colours at the local park with kids of all ages enjoying the freedom of two or three wheels under their feet.  When the chance came along to test out something a little special I couldn’t resist.

My three-year-old Harri is a huge fan of Ferrari, and he’s never even been in one – so when I brought home the new limited edition “My FREE Ferrari” from Globber he was out of his mind with excitement.

Imagine his delight when I drove in the driveway in a real Ferrari and he realised he could get a ride to the park in a Ferrari to scoot on his Ferrari Scooter!


Firstly, I’ve got no idea why they call this one the “My Free” range, because it’s not free – but it does give your kids freedom I guess?

When the kids took to the cul-de-sac to ride their bikes and Scooters, Harri’s first reaction to the Globber My FREE Ferrari was that it was “bumpy” The road isn’t exactly smooth, and for some reason this scooter meant he felt the bumps more than on his old scooter.

Interesting really, because it’s the same in a real Ferrari car:)

Off to the local park where he could scoot along a designated cycle/scooter path, and the ride was a whole lot better.

Harri was cracking away at his standard fast-pace, and four-year-old sister Victoria had a go and loved it too.

The deck of the scooter can take up to 50kg, and the handlebars have three adjustable levels for different ages.  The deck felt stronger than on other scooters and the handle is a good solid quality – there’s no cheap materials on this one.

Steering is similar to other scooters with a push left or right steering mechanism, while up front there’s also a steering lock button – but I’m not sure I see the point of that unless you are really starting out.

You’ll find it for $160 at globber.com.au or independent retailers – as for Harri – he gives it 5 stars, but he would – it’s got a Ferrari logo on it!