Ok, so you’ve bought the newest Ferrari and it’s beautiful. Did you know it came with complimentary scheduled maintenance for the first seven years?  I was not aware of that.  Not the biggest news to take out of the Australian launch of the new 488GTB but still – impressive I reckon!


This thing drips Ferrari from every panel, every duct, every window, every mirror.  It’s beautiful.


Following in the footsteps of the 458 Italia this beast offers something a little different from the prancing horse stable – Turbo.  That V8 Turbo will get you around Fiorano in 1 min 23 flat – assuming it’s in the hands of a real driver:)  And has a max speed of 330km/h, with 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds, and to 200 in 8.3 seconds.  That’s 2.1 seconds faster to 200 than the 458 Italia – for what it’s worth.


Starting at $469,888 you’ll option this that and the other to make the car uniquely yours – and if you’ve got that kinda cash, you’ll probably be waiting a couple of years for yours to arrive anyway.


Something we’re keen to get a better look at (ok, we’ll enjoy the drive too) is the infotainment system – they’ve thrown two LCD screens into the dash cluster either side of the speedo, (and there’s no centre console “radio” to give more space) which gives that ultimate customisation of what you want to see and it’s right there in front of you – looks sensational.   Similar to the FF we drove recently but far more customisable it seems.


If you buy one – come take me for a spin?