The thing about cool technology is that sometimes it’s only on show to people who already “get” cool technology.  Belkin’s WeMo products are some of the simplest and most versatile smart home products on the market, and this week they’ve announced new additions to the range, plus the range will be stocked at more than 160 Bunnings stores across Australia.


Coming to Australia for the first time is the WeMo Insight switch.  This works the same as the standard WeMo switch that allows you to remotely turn off the power to whatever is plugged in via your smartphone or tablet, but it does so much more.  Using some of the smarts Belkin began rolling out some years ago with their Conserve range of products, this WeMo insight switch will show you how much power the device is using and how much it’s likely to cost.


It’s a simple thing, but if you’re wondering about that second fridge sitting in the man cave and just how much keeping the drinks cold is costing you – this will do the trick.  $99.95 available now.



And finding one is even simpler too.  As well as continuing to be found at JB HiFi, you’ll now find this and other WeMo products at your local Bunnings.

While a new stockist may not seem that interesting, it’s a clear shift for Bunnings to embrace the simplicity and DIY that WeMo offers, while also offering a new segment – the Smart Home.


This isn’t the first and won’t be the last cool product to come to Bunnings, but for Belkin – this is a big deal.


“We believe that WeMo is the ‘on-ramp’ to the Internet of Things, and will play a key role in connecting consumers, delivering what might otherwise be a complex or daunting situation in a very approachable and cost-effective experience,” said Stephanie Ogden, Managing Director, Belkin ANZ.

“A key element of de-mystifying technology is awareness and education, which is what makes our expansion into Bunnings particularly exciting. Their passion for home improvement and willingness to showcase and demonstrate the benefits of home automation makes them a great fit,” she continued.

The range at Bunnings will at first include the Switch, Switch+Motion, and Light Bulbs (and the Insight Switch), but over time things like the light switch and WeMo maker will also be added to the range at Bunnings.