Oppo R7 Review – The only reason you wouldn’t buy one is if you’ve got blinkers on

I’ve spent about a week with the Oppo R7 (R7g to be precise) as my primary mobile phone.  Every text, every call, every tweet, every snap and every Clash of Clans attack has been on this little beauty.. If you’re in the market for a smartphone this should be on the shopping list.

Is this the best smartphone on the market today?  On specs, performance and many other things – no.

Would the average punter on the street be able to tell the difference between the Oppo R7 and one of the bigger named flagship Android phones having used one or even played with one for a little while?  No.

And herein lies the problem for the big guys, they are making spectacular phones, with amazing design or build quality, but for day-t0-day use, they offer very little for the high price you pay.


Conversely, the problem for a brand like Oppo, shared by the likes of Motorola, Alcatel One-Touch and even Sony is – people just don’t know about them.

Oppo phones are now available at Dick Smith and Optus, and that’s a huge boost for the Chinese brand in Australia – distribution is king, and inking those kinds of deals will matter to the long and even short-term success here.

So, what’s not to like about the Oppo R7?  Very little.  There’s a few software tweaks which are interesting;  I had regular call drop-outs due to an option in “gesture & motion” settings to “Prevent misoperation” – but disabling that has fixed all my woes.  The standard “theme” is a little child-like, but I didn’t mind it after a while, a bit less corporate than others (though not as well simplified as what LG and Samsung have recently done with their installations of Android).

It’s a habit thing, but I found the location of the power button on the left to be a nuisance, but again – I’m an iPhone user “normally” so a week or so more and that would be covered off.  My only other pain was the default song “Free to Fly” playing when I wanted my Spotify to resume on Bluetooth connection in the car, but that’s more of a user and Spotify thing than Oppo.

The camera is good, the only issue I noticed in the remarkably iOS like camera app was the delay in getting a focus lock in some situations.  It could do with a bit of a tweak there, but perhaps a different Camera app would cover that off.

Battery life is good, certainly not great, but when you consider how damn thin this thing is – it’s very much acceptable.  I can’t imagine getting through a full solid day of use without a boost of charge, however its low battery life saving modes kick in and make that last 20% last a lot longer than you’d think.

What’s to like?  This thing is available for $0 upfront on a $40 Optus plan, that’s 500GB data, at $60 you’ll get 3GB of data – That’s the sort of dollar value parents are looking to spend on their kids, so this becomes a real contender for the teens out there.

Outright at Dick Smith – $449.  yep, half the price of the big boys, and I really can’t tell you why – other than to say spending more than $450 on an Android phone seems almost crazy to me.

Oh, and it comes with a screen protector applied to it, and a plastic case ready to go.  What more could you want?

This phone, along with many other “mid range” phones are exceptional value, they offer everything you want from the Android experience, in a beautifully designed package, slim, fast and frankly everything you’ll need.

Should you buy one?

Without hesitation I’d recommend this one to you. At the very least – go check one out.



  1. Richard Prior

    November 21, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    I can give a number of reasons why NOT to buy this Oppo R7, since I bought one and then returned it to Dick Smith who immediately refunded my payment virtually without question.
    1. Its advertised as a dual sim with SD for storage, but it ain’t really! Its really just a single sim and SD card. There is no way you can have two sims and a SD card installed in this phone.
    2. You will need an SD card because the so called ‘ColorS’ Oppo skin over the Android OS reduces the advertised 16GB of inboard memory to a little over 8GB!
    3. So, I put in an SD card with just one SIM card, and set up my phone with my favourite apps: Guess what? Not one damn app could be moved to the SD memory card… NOT A SINGLE ONE!
    4. I have a favourite ringtone and notification tone that I get from the Zedge App. I set it up and guess what when I turn my Oppo R7 on in the morning? My settings have been removed and replaced with the Oppo R7 default tones….. Every darn day!
    5. Some mornings I started my Oppo R7 and I was required to do a complete set-up, including the initial language selection!
    6.Advertised as a really fast charging phone. Afraid not guys, it takes just as long as any other phone I have had.
    7. So what do I do? I just go back to my Asus Padfone Infinity 2 A86 with single sim, SD function and 32GB onboard memory and Snapdragon Qualcomm 801 processor, a ‘quiet achiever’ and very underestimated smartphone.

    • Trevor Long

      November 23, 2015 at 11:46 am

      Fair enough Richard, but pretty unique needs mate – so disappointing I’m sure, but in my view still a cracking great phone.

  2. Craig

    August 23, 2016 at 7:38 pm

    Much to be desired in this phone, and company. How about a f’ing manual! Links say “Manual not available”. Simple tasks like creating phone groups cannot be done. Clearing memory … message says “your phone is in the best condition” yet memory is still at 40%. Reboot and it drops to 29%. How can it be in the best condition? The version of an OS “sucks”. I much prefer Samsung, easier to use, more control.

  3. Nichola

    September 10, 2016 at 9:06 am

    I’ve had this phone for almost a year now. Got it for $350 so I’m very happy with the value.

    I’m also very happy with the fast charge (you must use the supplied charger and cable for that), which is great if you travel a lot.

    I find it does every thing I want: GPS tracking, playing music and videos, photos. And it works fine as a phone.

    I must agree about the dual SIM comment. It really needs an extra slot for the memory card to make it a proper dual SIM phone.

    A week before I bought it, I’d never heard of Oppo, but I like it and I’ve recommended it to others. (I decided to buy it after reading the many positive reviews.)

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