The Ferrari 488 is beautiful, now take the top off – oh yes, that’s sensational. Billed as the most high-performance “Spider” ever built by Ferrari with a 0-100 time of 3 seconds, and if you’ve got the space, 0-200 in 8.7 seconds.


Using a retractable hard-top similar to that which was used on the 458 Spider it’s lighter than a traditional soft top and provides better protection from “noise and the elements”. And 14 seconds is all you need to get the roof up or down – even when the car is moving (though not at high speeds of course!)


If you love your tech, you’ll love that the Frankfurt Motor Show also marks a significant announcement for Ferrari, extending Apple CarPlay support across the entire range. Following the FF’s adoption of Apple’s in-car technology those with deep pockets will now find Apple CarPlay as an option on all models – and that’s a good thing based on our experience in the FF.

Enjoy the photos, thanks to Ferrari:)