Everyone loves a hot hatch, it’s the old David and Goliath thing. People love the underdog. There’s nothing better than a tiny little fighter that can hold its five-doors high alongside the big boys. We’ve driven the entire Clio range at varying times, but this was our first go at the 2nd tier RS 200 Cup model. Here’s a quick EFTM motoring fix for The Renault Clio

Make: Renault

Model: Clio

Variant: RS 200 Cup

Engine / Transmission: 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbo petrol. 6-speed dual clutch (EDC) automatic.

Vital Stats: 140kW @6000rpm / 240Nm @1750

Renault Claimed Fuel Economy: 6.3L / 100km

EFTM Claimed Fuel Economy: 9.4L/ 100km

Price: From $31,290

2000-04-04 10.41.36

Wow Factor: The Renault Clio RS 200 range can be dressed up or down according to budget. The entry is the “Sport” model, our test car was the “Cup” followed by Sport Trophy and Cup Trophy variants. Our car came equipped with a naughtier chassis and red boy-racer trimmings throughout the cabin. With Nissan GT-R sourced paddle shifters and near-identical launch control system there’s much fun to be had.

2000-04-04 10.37.25

Most Impressive: The tiny RS button in between the front seats sharpens up an already willing drive, but why you need to disable cruise control standby mode to use it, is beyond me. Gear changes are decidedly quick and you can literally slingshot out of corners. The entire set up inspires confidence with razor-sharp turn in plus an intelligent electronic front diff making modest drivers look promiscuous – in a motoring way.

2000-04-04 10.37.58

Least Impressive: Given the architectural wonders found in France you’d expect the frogs would take a little more pride in creating a better cabin. The interior is quite underwhelming with an abundance of strange plastics, the odd rattle and general sense of being left short changed. Don’t get me started about the incompetent Bluetooth streaming, a turntable would skip less if installed in the dash. Never use the shallow drink holders, ever – especially with launch control. A can of drink would probably still tip over at the same G-force a snail produces from standstill.

2000-04-04 10.38.54

The Sweeping Statement:

The Clio badge doesn’t exactly scream manliness, but get hold of an RS 200 Cup and at least you’ll be viewed as a metrosexual with a hidden Bogan lust for ripping up the pavement! Hey it even looks the part, with the integrated twin tailpipes and rear diffuser at least those behind get a dose of Ka-pow!