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If you didn’t know already you’ve probably been living under a rock – Channel 9 is launching two new channels 9HD and 9Life and we’ve got the details of how to get them on your TV and where to find them on your Foxtel box.

Sports fans have been calling for our main free-to-air channels to broadcast in High Definition for years, tomorrow Channel 9 takes the jump and joins SBS in simulcasting its main TV channel in both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD).

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The new channels become available from 5am on Thursday but you’re going to need to do a few things or go searching to find it – we’ve got all the details.


For those who do not have Foxtel (that’s 70% of Aussie homes), you’ve got a Digital TV and you might have a set-top box alongside it.

Either or both (The TV and the Set-top-box) will need to be retuned.

You jump into the TV menu by pressing the Menu button on your remote control. Look for the option to Setup, and then Auto-Tune.  Now for some TVs the options might not be exactly that, but if you go digging for configuration, setup, channel search and tuning, you should find the spot.

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Once you initiate a full auto tune your TV will spend 4-5 minutes scanning the airwaves for all the available channels.

After the retune, the Nine Network stations will be found on these numbers:

  • 9 – Channel 9 (SD)
  • 90 – 9HD
  • 91 – Channel 9
  • 92 – 9Gem
  • 93 – 9Go!
  • 94 – 9Life
  • 95 – Extra

That didn’t work?

So you’ve done a full retune, and you can’t see channel 90, or if you turn onto channel 90 you only get pictures no audio?

In this case you’ve got a TV that is either not compatible with the broadcast technology being used, or will require an upgrade.

If you see nothing, it’s likely your TV can’t receive MPEG-4.  This is the new compression technology that allows Channel 9 to fit the new HD channel in along with an all new channel (9 Life).

You will need to speak to the manufacturer of your TV to find out more, but online research should help you find out.

In the case that you’re getting pictures but no audio, visit the TV manufacturer’s website and look for options to download a firmware upgrade which might just solve your problem.


So you’ve got Foxtel. You currently get Channel 9 on channel number 100, GemHD on channel 209 and Go! on channel 139.

That’s if you’ve got Cable.  If you have Satellite then you’ll only be getting Channel 9 on number 100.

From tomorrow, for Cable subscribers to Foxtel, EFTM understands the channels will be as follows:

  • 100 – Channel 9 (SD)
  • 139 – 9Go! (SD)
  • 192 – 9Gem (SD)
  • 194 – 9Life (SD)
  • 209 – Channel 9 (HD)

You shouldn’t need to do anything to get the new channels.

Foxtel Satellite customers – don’t hold your breath.  The cost of sending a new channel up into space and back isn’t cheap.  So I doubt there will be much change on that front soon.

Remember, even though you’re paying for Foxtel, you can always switch back to your TV and antenna to receive all of the around 20 free-to-air channels and watch them all.  Then when you want Foxtel channels switch back to your HDMI input!


If you have any questions or issues, comment below I’ll try to help out, or you can call Channel 9 on 1800 173 055