There’s no separating the kids from their devices in this day and age, but when they start to get interested in music and games which require the sound to be on most parents are going to be keen to throw some headphones on so it’s not something the whole family has to listen to.  iFrogz are the perfect solution for little ones and their ears.


Giving your kids your own headphones is problematic for a couple of reasons.  Firstly if they are in-ear they won’t likely fit, and for the over ear type there’s always a risk they’ll put the volume up so loud it could do damage to their hearing.

This is where the iFrogz are fantastic.  The kids will love them because they come in a couple of different designs, and you can have comfort because they have a built-in sound limit of 85 decibels.  That’s plenty to ensure they can still enjoy the music.


For the little princess in your life this one will go down a treat.


While the little man can enjoy the lion look.


The cable is 1.2 meters, plenty to ensure they can sing and dance away.

You’ll find them at Officeworks, Big W and Tech 2 Go for just $24.95.