In a household where devices have simply got to be charged at all times, the AllDock has been a breath of fresh air. A couple of iPads, iPods and our iPhones all charging away and docked in a presentable manner so the place doesn’t look like a mess. Now, the AllDock team are back with a new generation with a bunch of great improvements.


The 2015 model AllDock adds an Apple Watch accessory which slides into the side and looks really good, but because it’s removable if you don’t have an Apple Watch its ok to leave it off. Though you could also use it to dangle a fitness band on there too if you needed – just not as integrated as the Apple Watch.


Perhaps better still, the team designing this dock have considered the fact that on the original AllDock you had to grab the cable which sat there loose with one hand, and plug it into your phone in the other hand. The AllDock now comes with a small attachment which allows you to dock your device with one hand. Sounds simple, but it’s very useful.


The dock I’ve been testing is the smaller version with four USB sockets, and a Walnut finish.


AllDock are running the new generation through a KickStarter campaign – a little strange given they’ve clearly mastered the product and this is just a new version, but hey – if you want to grab one you can get an early-bird price of 119 UK Pounds. Or 144 with the Apple Watch accessory.


That’s a fair discount on the 179 pound retail price.

Assuming production hits full swing, the new AllDock should be available in early December in Australia.