There are a bunch of great covers for mobile phones out there which will keep your device safe from drops, bumps and even being dropped into water.  However, some people don’t need them all the time – perhaps the kids are just worried about their phones when they are at the beach or by the pool.  Laser has a simple and affordable solution – the Smart Sleeve.


22427703159_a1065b9888_oThese Smart Sleeves come in a bunch of different sizes to suit smartphones or tablets and come in packs of 5 for tablets and 10 for smartphones.

They are essentially zip-lock bags, but don’t try to use something from the supermarket for sandwiches, these bags will ensure the water doesn’t get in, yet means the device is still usable.


So you can still tap away on the screen to respond to messages, or choose songs or playlists while you’re connected to a Bluetooth Speaker to keep the party going.


An if you’re renovating, whack a Smart Sleeve on the phone so it can be around, and you can use your phone without getting paint all over it.

Simple idea, low cost – a stocking filler or one for the third drawer in the kitchen.



You’ll find them at Big W, Officeworks and online at – $12.95 for 10 smartphone sleeves or $15.95 for 5 tablet sleeves.