When you don’t release sales data there will be someone out there counting, and in the case of Tesla motor vehicles that’s exactly what’s happening.  Among Australian owners there’s a solid and verifiable count of the registered vehicles on Aussie roads, and EFTM can confirm there are over 500 cars on Australian roads


Back in May we told you that over 200 cars had hit the roads, confirming each by rego and state.  This week we obtained data that shows that number has grown to 536 spread right across the country.

Of course dominated by New South Wales and Victoria, there are sales in every state and territory.

  • NSW – 261
  • Victoria – 163
  • Queensland – 57
  • South Australia – 17
  • Tasmania – 7
  • ACT – 10
  • Northern Territory – 1
  • Western Australia – 20

And a bit of data that is not shared even for those car companies that report on it – the colours!

The fleet of Teslas rolling quietly around our streets are most commonly White (26%), while Blue and Red follow in second and third most popular (19% & 16%), followed by Black, Grey, Silver, the Signature Red, Green and Brown.

We won’t publish each and every number plate, but trust me – there’s 536 Tesla Model S vehicles out on the roads – at least.

Yes, on a manufacturer to manufacturer comparison this is a low number.  But lets remember, this is a new brand, they sell one car.   And it’s a $120,000-$240,000 luxury car – they’re doing very bloody well.