Ok finally, we’re there. Apple Pay has launched in Australia well over a year after since the concept was first announced in Cupertino. So, what do you do now? How do you setup your phone? EFTM has got you covered

As at today, Apple Pay is only available for American Express card holders. And that means AMEX cards issued by AMEX not by any bank. If that’s you, then the world where a wallet is not required is ever so much closer as of today.

So, here’s how to add your card to your iPhone “Wallet” and activate for Apple Pay

Open Wallet App


You will now see (for the first time if you’ve used Wallet (formerly known as passbook) before, the option to “Add Credit or Debit Card” – Click that to get cracking


Click next and you’ll open a part of the app which uses the camera to read the numbers on your card



You’ll need to verify the correct card details and enter the name on the card


Of course there’s a bunch of fine print to agree to


Then you add in your expiry date and security code (for AMEX cards this is the four digits printed on the front of the card)


To verify you really are the card holder, and not some pickpocket who grabbed a person’s purse or wallet and is trying to add their credit cards to ApplePay, you’ll now be asked to verify via email or text. Choose the method of delivery and a code is sent to your phone. Enter that code on the next page and you and your card are verified.




Straight away the card appears in the Wallet, along with the last transaction which is information AMEX is now sending direct to your phone. This information, along with your card details and transactions as you go are never shared with Apple.


If you’ve got an Apple Watch, there is an additional step or two.

You’ll get a notification from the Apple Watch App asking if you want to add the card to your watch

IMG_2183Jump into the app and choose ADD next to the card. (If the card doesn’t appear, go back into the main Apple Watch screen, then into Wallet options within the Apple Watch app)

IMG_2185You will once again need to enter the card’s security code

IMG_2186Once you’ve done that, wait a moment for activation and the Watch is updated with your shiny American Express card – ready to make purchases



Now let’s go shopping!

Head to any participating retailer that accepts American Express tap-and-go payments and you now have two new options for payment. Your phone, or your watch.

To pay with your watch, you don’t need to have your phone on you, but you do need to have the watch on your wrist (the Apple Watch detects removal and requires the security passcode to be entered to be used again). Double tap the “friends” button on the side of your watch, and the Watch is “armed” and ready to pay! Simple:


To pay with your phone the process is simple.

Imagine your phone is in your pocket or purse. You go to the counter go through the motions then tell the cashier you are paying by card. The amount appears on the payment terminal ready for you to tap-and-go. Pull out your phone – you do NOT have to unlock it – you simply place it near the reader, and the Wallet app opens automatically to your default card. If you have more than one card you can choose a different card for payment. Place your thumb or finger on the home button to verify your fingerprint and your payment is approved in much less time than it took you to read this one paragraph.

If you’d like to pre-authorise the card payment, you can double-click the home button when the phone is off, choose the card and scan your fingerprint. The phone is now active and authorised for you to tap-and-go for one single payment. This might be handy in the small number of shops where perhaps the payment terminal is not mobile and is well behind the counter – you can pass the phone over pre-approved ready to pay.

image1Happy wallet-free shopping!